IQ Cassette Unit Fixed Speed

IQ Cassette Unit Fixed Speed


Quiet Operation
Innovative 3D spiral wind leaf, reduces the air power’s consumption and noise, making the air supply more quietly and smoothly.

6-segment Heat Exchanger Design
Compact structure Innovative exchanger design enlarges the heat exchanging area. Heat exchanging efficiency increased by 10% to 15%.

Built-in Water Drainage Pump
The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high from the drainage pan.

Fresh Air Intake
Fresh air makes the quality of indoor air healthy and comfortable.

Duct Connection
Air duct can be connected from the 4 sides to nearby rooms.

Never Leaking Water Collector
Innovative insulating foam structure and advanced plastic laminated coating process are adopted to make sure the water collector will never leak.

Digital Tube Display
Digital tube displays all contents: indoor temperature, set temperature, the mode of operation, etc. Clearly to check the running status, more convenient for troubleshooting.

Independent Stepping Motor Control
Each blade is driven by an independent stepping motor, which makes the blades swing more flexibly.

Low Ambient Cooling
The unit has the feature that keeping running under low