IQ Q’Swift

    • SAFE

    Directly Install PCB

    the Motherboard is easy to disassemble and assemble: the Motherboard can be disassemble without removing the middle frame, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and the maintenance efficiency is improved by 50%.

    Fluoride Leakage Protection 

    It can Monitor the Leakage of Freon. when leakage occurs, the Control system will immediately shut down so as to protect core components such as compressors from damage.

    High temperature sterilization at 57 °C
    The evaporator tube temperature main￾tains a high temperature of 57 °C and lasts for a period of time to ensure the sterilization effect.

    Smarter control, More Energy-saving 

    0.3W stand by

    with newly designed PCB, the 0.3W Standby mode enable IQ Products to cut energy consumption from 4-5W to 0.3W, compared with conventional air conditioners.

    Intelligent Power Consumption
    Users can set the expected power consump￾tion and power consumption mode for a period of time in the APP, and the air condi￾tioner will automatically adjust the power con sumption after it is turned on; After setting, the air conditioner will execute according to the above objectives, adopting intelligent control algorithm, reasonable cold output.